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Arizona Uilleann Pipers Society (AUPS) is a community of enthusiasts dedicated to preserving and promoting interest in the Irish bagpipes, most commonly known as the uilleann pipes (pronounced ill-en), in the state of Arizona.

AUPS was founded by Phoenix uilleann piper Caven Clark and was officially established in the year 2000. The first formal gathering of AUPS took place that October at The Fiddler's Dream in Phoenix, Arizona and featured guest piping instructor Patrick D'Arcy of Southern California. Since then, the society has worked together to organize numerous piping and reedmaking workshops with guest instructors from around the country.

AUPS organizes an occassional pipers gathering, typically in the Phoenix area, and welcomes beginners and experienced uilleann pipers alike. Being that formal instruction is very difficult to obtain and learning on one's own can be next to impossible, getting together as a group is ideal for sharing information and learning from one another collectively. For anyone interested in learning to play the uilleann pipes but don't really know where to begin, we'd be happy to provide whatever info or insights we can in order to help make more informed decisions. Otherwise, be sure to check out our Resources page for more info, and our Links page for some pipemakers, forums, and other uilleann piping websites!

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Uilleann pipers are few and far between, and help is very hard to find. AUPS is happy to be of any assistance. If we can't help directly, we can do our best to point you in the right direction!
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